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The Story of Lorna Sinclair

Environmentalists like Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall, and countless others, who dedicate their lives to protecting wildlife, and preventing human destruction all over the world. The most inspiring people to me are those who work not for personal gain, but to protect the environment and share the message to all that change is needed to ensure a diverse and ecologically healthy future on earth. Through their work, they also introduce millions of people to new species, behaviours, and habitats that any other person would never encounter, and inspire others to learn about and help our planet.

Although my dream job would be to continue the work of Sir David, I happened to fall into the field of Materials Science, after many years of finding new things and thinking to myself “I wonder what that’s made of”. I came to Manchester as one of the top Engineering universities, for a unique opportunity to work towards my PhD at the UK’s biggest scientific research facility. Although I spend most of my time 200 miles away from Manchester, I am very thankful to be part of such a diverse and welcoming community.