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UoM Stories

 To meet, share, and inspire



We are a group of PhD students that pitched to Manchester Doctoral College to run an event bringing PhD students of all three faculties of UoM together.

UoM Stories is a ‘TED’-Talk/’Humans of New York’-style initiative aimed at infusing a ‘storytelling to inspire’ culture within the PhD research community. We achieve this goal in two ways; a TED style event exclusive to PhD students, and an online platform showcasing inspirational PhD life stories.

This initiative addresses the seclusive nature of research work, and given that 1 in 3 PhD students suffer from mental health issues, there is an unmet need for a university-wide PhD event and sharing platform to learn from each others’ successes and struggles – not the research itself, but the person conducting it.


The evening showcase in Whitworth Hall on 31st January 2019 – “UoM Stories”, showcased speakers who shared their life stories, with a connection to UoM. The event aimed to bring students from different disciplines all over campus, together. To meet, share, and inspire.

We identified speakers that inspired us and when we contacted them they were enthusiastic to share their personal life stories with us. Our speakers were approached with diversity and inclusivity in mind and we have a range of disciplines and backgrounds represented; encompassing both genders, different races, abilities, age and career stage.

PhD students from all three faculties of the University of Manchester were invited to attend, the registration sold out within 3 days, with 400 students alongside a 75-student long wait list. 44% of the PhD students that attended were from the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, 33% were from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and 23% were from the Faculty of Humanities.

 We are delighted to announce that the event will run next year with Manchester Doctoral College, and we were awarded a Commendation from the University of Manchester Making a Difference Awards for Outstanding Public and Community Engagement Initiative.

Below are the inspirational stories shared by the speakers at the event:


UoM Stories 2019 inspirational talks

Dr Hamied Haroon:

Professor Vikas Shah:

Leena Gade:

Professor Nicky Cullum:

Dr Jack Rivers-Auty:

Dr Emma Ferguson-Coleman:

Professor Nancy Rothwell:



Photos from the event


 100% of those who responded to the survey said they would recommend UoMStories to a friend. What they liked the best:


 “All the speakers, without exception, were great. Their life stories were inspirational.”

 “I really liked the variety of talks, and the representation of successful disabled people. I appreciated that the speakers brought humour and their own personality into the talks and got free rein of what to talk about.”

 “All the speakers were really good, it’s hard to pick a favourite”

 “The variety of speakers was excellent. I really liked to hear from people in different circumstances.”

 “The guest speakers! They were very diverse and really inspiring to me. I was struggling a lot over the last few months, and after listening to their stories it really opened my mind.”

 “The selected speakers were great because they represented different specialisations and different roles within the university.”

 Networking and student stories

 “It was a great networking opportunity. I really enjoyed it.”

 “I loved the speakers, the general positivity of the event, and the networking time afterwards. I also liked that you asked people to submit their stories and thus involving them to the event.”


“People usually underestimate how important stories are in guiding our own behaviour and efforts. I think this was a great chance to reflect on what are the stories we tell about ourselves and what is the impact those stories have on everyone else around.”


An article on the event was also published:

 Our long-term vision is to keep collecting UoM PhD life stories to create a storytelling culture at the University of Manchester to improve well-being, inter-faculty collaboration, and inspire PhD researchers past, present, and in the future.


 Kathryn McGurk, Nikhil Jacob, Lorna Sinclair, Jayesha Chudasama


Congratulations to Armida Gjindali who won the £200 prize at the event for sharing her story on our social media platforms. Pre-launch, we collected 30 personal stories from UoM PhD students, they are available to view here on the blog and our social media pages:

Your inspirational stories

Check out these stories from UoM doctoral students!


The Story of Minerva Ledezma Martínez

The Story of Minerva Ledezma Martínez

After recovering of a long term illness and two surgeries, my goal was to achieve the English level required to be accepted at The University of Manchester to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I learnt English by myself, taking a few formal classes. My desire to...

The Story of Sasiporn Ounjaichon

The Story of Sasiporn Ounjaichon

My inspiration for becoming a nurse comes from my parents since my father was a soldier and my mother was a nurse. When my father passed away, I was very young and did not know about his illness. It was my deep feeling that someday I must be able to take care of my...

The Story of Alysha Shivji

The Story of Alysha Shivji

Survivors inspire me. Those who have faced the unthinking and not only survive but thrive. They continue to fight for what they believe in. The strength of heart and drive in survivors surpasses the greatest superpower. Their strength inspires me to keep fighting for...

The Story of Aleksandra Besevic

The Story of Aleksandra Besevic

I am inspired by small acts of kindness. In 2016, I started a project called Plant and Hope which has been extremely successful – it continues to bloom! There have been seven events to date. The idea was to improve students’ working spaces and thereby their...

The Story of Eleanor Trimble

The Story of Eleanor Trimble

The Story of Eleanor Trimble I am inspired by people who work hard and are passionate about what they do. I’m also inspired by people who stand up for what they believe is right and use their voice for good. I always wanted to run a business. I didn’t know...

The Story of Andrius Vabalas

The Story of Andrius Vabalas

The Story of Andrius Vabalas People who care about others inspire me, those that grow together with others and because of others. Leaders who do not concentrate on chasing short-term successes but concentrate on inclusion, partnership and people...

The Story of Arturo Vazquez

The Story of Arturo Vazquez

The Story of Arturo Vazquez Who do I find inspiring? People that take control of their life, people that do not blame others for their shortcomings and/or misfortune, with a positive attitude who do not give up when facing a problem and find the strength...

The Story of Alise Kalteniece

The Story of Alise Kalteniece

The Story of Alise Kalteniece Those who take the risk, believe in themselves, are not afraid of the unknown, are hard-working, and persistent in reaching their goals inspire me. I came here from Riga, Latvia. I left a very good job in eye hospital to do...

The Story of Luoyun Xu

The Story of Luoyun Xu

The Story of Luoyun Xu People were born to find what they live for. I came to Manchester to find my answer. For the sake of experience and higher achievement, I started my journey of overseas study. During my time studying at UoM, I have always been...

The Story of Dong-Lin Liu

The Story of Dong-Lin Liu

The Story of Dong-Lin Liu When I was in my childhood, I had a dream that everyone on earth could live a wealthy life. Once I thought that it could be possible I devoted myself to it in my spare time. I was a volunteer to teach poor youth when I was an...

Share your story and join the UoM movement! Contact us via email or Facebook, and tell us who inspires you and why! We’ll share your story with the UoM community and you can help inspire others!