Our latest events…

HCRI hosted a panel event for University of Manchester students interested in working in the humanitarian and human rights fields.

We had four speakers, with plenty of Q&A / discussion. Speakers were asked to brief us on their organisations, reflect on their own career path, and pass on any lessons they may have to students about work and life in this sector. The original event blurb is at: https://careers-panel-hcri.eventbrite.co.uk/

Below is a video of one speaker, Kerry Brighouse, who is the UK Programme Director at Hope for Justice, a global NGO challenging human trafficking and modern slavery, headquartered in Manchester.

Our guest speaker was Silvia Salvatici, Professor of Modern History at the University of Florence. Her recent research interests focus on refugees in the contemporary age and the history of humanitarianism. She is Principal Investigator of the projects ‘Republican Italy and international aid, 1945-1989’ (funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and ‘HumanEuroMed. Humanitarianism and Mediterranean Europe: A Transnational and Comparative History, 1945-1990’ (funded by the European Research Council).

This presentation offers some examples of the humanitarian undertakings of Southern European countries looking at the experience of different actors such as institutions, administrators, experts, non-governmental organisations. Specific attention is devoted to the entangled histories of international aid and decolonization from the point of view of the so-called ‘(former) minor colonial powers’ (Portugal, Spain and Italy) but also of countries, like Greece and Yugoslavia, that had never had colonial possessions. Furthermore, the lecture looks at the role that humanitarianism has played in the relationships between Southern European countries, challenging the common approach to international aid as a North-South relationship.

In our first public event of 23/24, Dr Miriam Bradley discussed her 2023 book The Politics and Everyday Practice of International Humanitarianism (purchase the book). The discussant was Bertrand Taithe, Professor of Cultural History at HCRI. The audience Q&A section has been removed from the video.

Global Manchester network event, 2nd October 2023

Representatives from HCRI attended the ‘Global Manchester’ reception at HOME, which highlighted the work of 7 Manchester-based humanitarian organisations who collectively achieve major global impact.

The hosts, Mines Advisory Group, estimate that charities and NGOs headquartered in Manchester benefited the lives of over 7 million people in 58 countries last year.

The keynote address was given by Sir Graham Brady (MP for Altrincham and Sale West), who noted the diversity and outsized impact of international organisations based in our city and region.

A video was shown introducing the 7 network members and their work (below).