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The Story of Kathryn McGurk

Image of Kathryn McGurk.

Strong women inspire me. Those that can seemingly do it all; from work-life balance to becoming executives in their fields. Great leadership also inspires me. The coaches who are not only bosses but also show personal growth support, allowing for opportunities while also pushing you to work your best. And finally, approachable ‘high ups’, who chat with those around them like friends while being at the height of their career.

I came to Manchester from Dublin, Ireland. I knew I wanted to do research as I loved my final year undergrad project and my internship in a genetic sequencing lab. Truth is, I really didn’t want to come to Manchester. I had always lived in Dublin, and Manchester wasn’t London, and I wasn’t able to point it out on a map, but the opportunity of a PhD here was huge and the topic I work on still excites me every day. Since I arrived I have never looked back and it will be hard for me to leave UoM. The opportunities are numerous for PhD students, from outreach to teaching to travel, grants, and competitions – getting involved in it all has been incredible.