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The Story of Jack Barrington

I find myself motivated by people with the passion and determination to work through good and bad periods toward a goal they truly believe in. Above all though, I am inspired by those with the kind of infectious enthusiasm to drive themselves and those around them to tackle tough challenges.

I was set on the path of becoming a scientist during my college years; after fracturing my spine allowed me the time and space to decide what I enjoy and value most in life. Since then, I achieved a BSc from UoM, undertook a placement at QIAGEN, and spawned two sons!
It is true that a PhD is a rollercoaster ride of emotions… and you have to be prepared for ups and downs. In fact, you will find that scientific endeavour can get quite addictive, especially if you find yourself in a team of highly enthusiastic people as I do in the brain inflammation group! I believe the best aspect of being a PhD student here in Manchester is the diversity of applications you can become involved with. Whether that is generating discussion as part of a panel, presenting to peers, or getting involved with community outreach projects such as MAP, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve!