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The Story of Kirsty McIntyre

I am inspired by people with passion. I don’t mind what you’re passionate about – it can be a subject, a place, or a particular sport, but to me, passion is what drives us to do our best. Passion is also what unites us scientists, engineers, and problem solvers – the curiosity and motivation to continually ask, ‘Why is that?’ Passion is what keeps me excited and reminds me that what I’m doing is worthwhile.

After school, I began a Biomedical Science degree (with the ultimate goal of becoming a physiotherapist!). Once at University, however, I came to love science and hands-on lab work and so I stuck out the degree. After a couple of years bumbling around the globe, feat. some work in research labs and a University abroad, I moved to Manchester to start my PhD.
As I come to my end of my PhD now, I am left to reflect upon all the highs and lows of my time at Manchester. Whilst I have really struggled to adjust to living in a big city, I have benefitted hugely from throwing myself into new projects, public engagement and teaching alongside my lab work, and have found some lifelong friends along the way.