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The Story of Meera Dulabh

I get inspired by innovative ideas and the overcoming of challenges. Great leadership and influential work are the results of strength, diligence and hard work. Looking back at the story of J.K Rowling in her Harvard Commencement Speech; ‘The benefit of failure’ inspires me in the sense that, even through adversity those that have reached a height of achievement are not afraid to fall or have fallen which in turn can shape their future success. Also, my father, who had been through adversity having lost all of his family in a plane crash during his PhD and being a huge success now demonstrates to me that no matter what happens giving up is not an option.

I studied Psychology and Law at Oxford Brookes University pursuing the hope of becoming a lawyer for my parents. Psychology always fascinated me and I have always had a creative imagination. I finished my degree anticipating a job as a fashion buyer. I then got an offer for an MSc in International Fashion Retailing at UoM, to which I used Internships from head offices as a platform for my MSc thesis. After the Msc a PhD in the realms of ‘Neuro Marketing’ came my way which in hindsight blended my psychology and creative experiences together. I have analysed survey and brain responses to websites developing skills and insight into consumer behaviour. Its been an incredible and life-changing journey so far, I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity especially on route to PhD to embark on chasing their passion, no matter what it may be.