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The Story of Yingjuan Liu

The doctors who save the lives of people, inspire me. I originally wanted to be a clinical doctor, who can amend people’s bodies and rescue them from dangerous situations. However, my bad physical state could not support my dream of being a surgeon. The great scientists then inspired me. Ideas can change the world. Scientists make novel findings, which improve the living quality of people’s lives. Even though I may not treat people’s illnesses directly, being a health scientist I can still do work to make a certain improvement to the treatment they may get.

I came from China to Manchester for my PhD studies. I gradually realised my preference for laboratory work at the end of my undergraduate program. I had a major in Public Health and experienced social investigations and experimental researches. Comparatively, the experimental work made me feel easy. That was the reason I came to Manchester and started research in cardiovascular sciences. Here, I learn genetics, know great people and have grown. Although I left a past love in China, I have more freedom and enthusiasm for getting a better career here. There are great opportunities for me to improve my knowledge and skills as a researcher. There are also many beautiful places to go to, great different people to know, and I enjoy a peaceful life here. I like this experience of being a PhD student in Manchester.