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The Story of Shuhang Shen

I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. Before I came to UoM, I spent a lot of time traveling. I travelled all around Europe, from the astonishing Sardinia sea to the tremendous Dolomiti mountains, and from the majestic ancient Roma empire to the modern romantic Gaudi’s home, and on to the iconic Neuschwanstein castle and the enchanting Tuscany hills.

I love travelling. The unparalleled beauty of the world reminds me of the colourfulness of life, as well as the tininess of human beings. From travelling, I learned how life should be spent. Life is short, we should make the most of it: enjoying every moment. I also figured out that enjoying life doesn’t mean not working hard. Actually, it is the beauty of the world that amazes me how great human beings are changing the world, and how significant science and technologies matter in this process.

I chose the subject of electrical engineering because I am amazed all the time by the fascinating essence of electricity and how human beings exploit it. Electricity is everywhere, from formidable lightning to electrical shock from an electric eel, to every single neural conduction. Human beings use intelligence to utilize electricity to its max. It is so hard to imagine how the world and life would be without electricity. People can no longer enjoy a life in darkness. In my opinion, it is the utilization of electricity that fundamentally shapes the world.

Driven by the curiosity and astonishment by electricity, I came to study electrical engineering, with the hope to understand the world and make it a better place to enjoy life.