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There is a connection between scientists, which transcends time and space, a feeling of mutual support and a common way of perceiving the world. No matter the time or place they lived we can always connect with them because we feel the effects of their actions in contemporary society. They were people who always acted, they never rest on their laurels, people that felt the need for progress, for pushing the boundaries of the possible and pushing them conquering the impossible, people fascinated with life, its unresolved mysteries, people who explored all the different possibilities, people who are driven by a single thought: I wonder… Those are the people that inspire me. They pursue their passion not to win any praise but to simply quench their own thirst. Today, we stand in awe in the shadow of the daring pioneers whose extraordinary discoveries shaped our reality. We try to follow their footsteps, and with every new discovery little by little we walk even further into the unknown. To make a contribution to this live breathing entity we call humanity, to be a pioneer for next generations, triggering their curiosity to follow their passion that is my inspiration.