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Who does inspire me?
Those who believe in us more than ourselves
Inspiring to always break the boundaries
that we create.

Those who are still dreaming,
Who are conscious and work
for a better life and healthy world
to our and next generation.

Those who tell us to be fair,
Respecting everyone and everything.

Those who are courageous to face their fears,
And humble to ask help if needed.

Those who are still young but teach us
The simplicity of life: sharing gentleness.

Those who saw themselves fall from the youth pedestal,
In an conditioned human senescence,
And still consider the peace as the inheritance,
sharing the most kind caress.

Those who say to never condemn us
to the misery of a selfish heart,

at the end of a life that we would not recognize.

Those who teach the main values,
Conscience, love and respect.
Thank you all.