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I find the greatest inspiration in diversity. The more I discover the world around me, the more I discover myself – what I am, what I am not and what I can become. I am inspired by people who are not from my bubble: I like talking to people with different cultural backgrounds than mine, with different beliefs. I am inspired by how people are so different and similar at the same time. I like people with crazy ideas who want to change the world and actually believe they can. I like those who do not follow the crowd – the rebels with a cause. I like people who speak with passion about what they do. I am inspired by people who don’t give up when the path is not easy. I am inspired by humble people who reached a level of knowledge that make them aware of how little they actually know. I am inspired by people who are trying to use their intellectual abilities to improve other lives. In the end, all the inspiring people I met made me understand that real success is proportional with the extent to which we improve other lives.