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Shaped by the Sea Conference 27-28th June 2019

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2.57, Simon Building, University of Manchester



09.30          REGISTRATION


10.00          WELCOME ADDRESS


10.30          Panel 1:  BODIES & MINDS AT SEA


Dr Karl-Heinz Reger (Schleswig, Christian Albrecht University of Kiel, Germany), ‘Sent Home to England’: ‘Facts of the Sea’ Shaping Medical Science


Daniela Egger (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Shaped by Transit: The Maritime Experience of 19th Century Migrants from the United Kingdom to Australia  


Dr Jennifer Kain (Newcastle University), Adrift in Medical Transit: Distressed British Seamen Abroad


12.00          LUNCH


13.00          Panel 2:  LAND & SEA


Dr Stephanie Piper (Newcastle University), Maritime Pre-histories: Stone Age Seafarers of the European Atlantic


Dr Nanna K. L. Kaalund (Scott Polar Institute, University of Cambridge), The Arctic Travels and Scientific Practices of Tookoolito and Ebierbing


Andrew Morris (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), John Smeaton’s Experiments on Lime Mortar for the Construction of the Eddystone Lighthouse: The Role of Artisanal Knowledge


Helen Mair Rawsthorne (University of Western Brittany), The Development of Tide Prediction Machines



15.00          REFRESHMENTS



15.30          Panel 3:  TECHNOLOGY, POWER & EMPIRE


Dr Philippa Hellawell (King’s College London), “Feeding the Sea with Stones”: Engineering and Empire in English Tangier, c. 1662-84


Tom Kiernan (Newcastle University), Why Did Hellenistic Rulers Compete to Build Larger Warships and What Purpose Did These Warships Serve?


Dr Jonathan Stafford (University of Nottingham) Imperialism at Sea: The Spatial Logic of Empire Aboard the Nineteenth-Century Colonial Steamship


Aglaja Weindl (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), A Prince and the Sea – Ships, Hierarchy and the World Tour of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este 1892/93



17.30          DAY END/ RECEPTION



18.00          CONFERENCE DINNER







09.00          Panel 4:  SAILOR HEALTH & DISABILITY


Dr Sara Spike (University of New Brunswick), Colour Blindness and the Medicalization of Sailors’ Vision in Late Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Canada


Peter Phillipson (University of Hull), Pioneers of Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation: Assessing the Contribution of Lloyd’s Register Surveyors to Improvements in the Safety of Merchant Shipping, 1834-1881


Prof Tim Carter (Norwegian Centre of Maritime and Diving Medicine, Bergen), Who Cares About Seafarers’ Health? Perspectives from 1860-2014

10.30          REFRESHMENTS






11.00          Panel 5:  HEALTH IN PORT


Dr Cristiano Turbil (University College London), Public Health at the Italian Seaside (1861-1900): Rimini’s Kursaal


Elina Maaniitty (University of Helsinki), Epidemics of a Coastal Town: Diseases and the Sea in Eighteenth-Century Helsinki


Sesan Johnson (Obafemi Awolowo University), Ibadan Water Bodies as Carriers and Transmitters of Disease: Historicizing Cholera Epidemics in Ibadan, 1970 – 1996


12.30          LUNCH


13.30          Panel 6:  UNDERSTANDING THE OCEAN


Dr John Woitkowitz (Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge), August Petermann and the Speculative Geography of the Open Polar Sea


Dr José Ragas (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Reinventing the Cold: Maritime Ice Trade and Local Innovations in the Pacific Rim (Chile, 1860-1920)


Beatriz Martínez-Rius (Sorbonne Université), When Oil Hit Geology: The Transformation of Marine Geosciences Research in the Mediterranean Basin (1965 – 1985)


Rob Cullum (University of Aberystwyth), Uncharted Waters: Examining Naval responses to climate change in the United States, Britain, and Australia.



15.30          REFRESHMENTS


16.00          Roundtable: SHAPED BY THE SEA: The Future…


17.00          DAY END



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