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New CHSTM Seminar Programme now live

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CHSTM Seminars 2019





Tuesday 24th September


13:00-14:00 Jingjing Zhang (CHSTM)

John Stuart Mill on the Contagious Diseases Acts – Rethinking Mill’s harm principle, limits of government interference and women’s rights

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Marianna Dudley (University of Bristol)

Limits of power: Wind energy, Orkney and the post-war British state

2.57 Simon Building




Tuesday 1st October


15.30-17.00 Kenji Ito (Sokendai, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan)

Joint event with Japanese Studies.

Simon Room 3.62


Tuesday 8th October


13:00-14:00 Francesca Elliott (CHSTM)

Power Machinery Models at the Smithsonian (and the pros and cons of an internal fellowship mid-PhD)

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Jesse Olszynko-Gryn (Strathclyde University)

A woman’s right to know: Pregnancy testing in twentieth-century Britain

Simon Lecture Theatre D


Tuesday 15th October


13:00-14:00 Iain Sturges (CHSTM)

A Cross-Sectional Slice of Academia, Industry, and the State: The History of Computerised Tomography Research in Manchester

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 22nd October


15.30-17.00 Jay Kennedy (University of Manchester)

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 29th October


13.00-14.00 Jamie Farrington (History, University of Manchester)

2.57 Simon Building




Tuesday 5th November


13.00-14.00 Linnea Kuglitsch (Archaeology, University of Manchester)

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 5th November


15.30-17.00 Dmitriy Myelnikov (CHSTM)

Revisiting the OncoMouse: Moral and political economies of transgenic animals in the 1980s

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 19th November


13.00-14.00 Rachel Boon (CHSTM)

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Chris Manias (King’s College London)

Beasts from the earth: Reconstructing fossil mammals in the nineteenth century.

2.57 Simon Building




Tuesday 3rd December


13.00-14.00 Robert Naylor (CHSTM)

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Richard Staley (University of Cambridge)

The undead in climate history: On the birth, life and uncertain death of the medieval Warm Period

2.57 Simon Building






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