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CHSTM Seminars Semester 2 2020

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CHSTM Seminars



Tuesday 21st January 2020


13.00-14.00 Erin Beeston (CHSTM, University of Manchester)

‘For arts, science or industry? The tense tale of the foundation of Manchester’s science museum’

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 28th January 2020


13.00-14.00 Robert Naylor (CHSTM, University of Manchester)

‘The Bryson Synthesis: Piercing a Fog of Economic Complication with a Calamitous Climate Future’

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Vanessa Heggie (University of Birmingham)

‘Higher and colder: A history of extreme physiology and exploration’

2.57 Simon Building





Tuesday 4th February 2020

13.00-14.00 Leah De Quattro (CHSTM)

 ‘Negotiating knowledge and control: A qualitative study of group-led antenatal sessions’

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 11th February 2020

19.00 Angela Saini (writer & journalist)

The return of race science

Manchester Museum


Tuesday 18th February 2020

13.00-14.00 Kelly Stanford (University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute)

Science/Art Communication Research Study

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 25th February 2020

15.30-17.00  Beatriz Pichel (De Montford University)

Photography and the making of modern medicine in France, 1860–1914

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 3rd March 2020


13.00-14.00 Jemma Houghton (CHSTM, University of Manchester)

 “Being Modern”: The Visual Culture of Twentieth-Century Plant-Based Drugs

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 10th March 2020


15.30-17.00 Laura Tisdall (Queen Mary’s, University of London)

‘Just a stage I’m going through’: Lesbian and gay adolescents, developmental psychology, and psychoanalysis in Britain, c. 1950–1990

2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 17th March 2020


13.00-14.00 Kristin Hay (University of Strathclyde)


2.57 Simon Building


Tuesday 24th March 2020


15.30-17.00 Caitjan Gainty (King’s College, London)
Healthy scepticism

2.57 Simon Building



Tuesday 21st April 2020

13.00-14.00 Grant Collier (History, University of Manchester)

Placing ‘the’ Industrial Revolution: dis-aggregation and the everyday at Quarry Bank Mill, 1830-1860

2.57 Simon Building


15.30-17.00 Sarah Marks (Birkbeck, University of London)

‘Brainwashing for benevolent purposes’? Historical reflections on behavioural therapy from the Cold War to CBT

2.57 Simon Building



Tuesday 5th May 2020

13.00-14.00 Iqra Choudhry (CHSTM)


2.57 Simon Building



15.30-17.00 Cornelius Borck (University of Lübeck)

Changing approaches to visualization in brain research: a case study based on the Max-Planck Society

2.57 Simon Building



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