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MARMN Seminar Series 2021

by | May 6, 2021 | MaRMN seminar series | 0 comments

Manchester Regenerative Medicine Network
(MaRMN) Seminar Series 2021

Fridays at 1pm via Zoom:


08/01/2021 Professor Alberto Saiani, The University of Manchester: “Self-assembling peptide hydrogels for biomedical applications: from design to commercialisation”

22/01/2021 Dr Eileen Gentleman, King’s College London: “Modular hydrogels in organoid-based disease modelling and regenerative medicine”

05/02/2021 Professor Laura Machesky, University of Glasgow: “Mechanosensing and forces driving metastasis in pancreatic cancer”

19/02/2021 Professor Andrea Münsterberg, University of East Anglia: “Investigating the cellular and molecular basis of embryo myogenesis”

05/03/2021 Professor Adrian Woolf, The University of Manchester: “Genetic control of kidney tubulogenesis”

19/03/2021 Dr Lynda Harris, The University of Manchester: “Targeted manipulation of placental development and function: a novel way to treat pregnancy complications”

16/04/2021 Professor Anna Nicolaou, The University of Manchester: “Dynamics of the cutaneous mediator lipidome

30/04/2021 Dr Jonathan Humphries, The University of Manchester: “Understanding the cell-matrix microenvironment to target pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.”

14/05/2021 Professor Peter Zammit, King’s College London: “Regenerative Myogenesis in Muscular Dystrophy”

28/05/2021 Professor Simone Di Giovanni, Imperial College London: “Metabolic and epigenetic signatures of the axonal regenerative ability following injury”

11/06/2021 Faye Bolan, The University of Manchester: “The Regenerative Potential Of Injectable Hydrogels For Intracerebral Haemorrhage Therapy”

25/06/2021 Professor David Young, Newcastle University: “Epigenetic regulation of cartilage formation”