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With the summer, it’s a great time to not only relax but also try something new (and as a bonus point these line up with the 6 ways of well being too!)


  1. Visit free museums around the city

The city of Manchester is home to many museums with free entry, these are great opportunities to learn and discover new things. One popular option is the Museum of Science and Industry which showcases Manchester’s industrial past through interactive exhibits. For the art lovers, another option is the Manchester Art gallery situated in the city center. This gallery showcases art from different eras and even has visiting artists/ exhibitions so there’s always something new to see. A final recommendation is for the Imperial War Museum near Media City. For those interested in history and world war 2 this is the museum for you.

  1. Join the Manchester Free Walking Tour

Everyday at 11am at the Alan Turing Memorial near Gay Village, you can join a free walking tour around Manchester.  The tours were founded by Josh, a fellow alumni from the University of Manchester who took a Masters in History. The walking tour lasts around 3 hours so get your walking shoes and be ready to actively explore the city of Manchester whilst learning about its history. Check them on out Instagram for more information: freetours_mcr

  1. Walking trails

If you love walking through good scenery, the All Trails App is made for you. It is a free app which features a range of walking trails in different locations, Manchester included! It also allows you to filter walking paths based on distance and difficulty so you can find the walking trail suited to your mood for that time. There are both walking trails available within the city of Manchester or on the outskirts if you’re looking to connect more with nature.

  1. Visit football stadiums

Manchester is home to great football teams. 2 notable ones being Manchester United and Manchester City. Their stadiums are located within Greater Manchester and are accessible by taxi, bus, or tram. If you’re a football fan or just wanting to learn more about the sport, this is a definite must! You can either visit the outside of the stadiums or if you want a deeper look, both stadiums have group tours available. Don’t forget the visit the gift shop to get that football jersey you’ve always wanted.

  1. Visit some libraries

If you’re a book lover, you’re in luck! Manchester has a number of libraries that are free and open to the public that you can visit either for sights, to get some studying done, or just to learn new things. One suggestion is the Manchester Central Library which is located in St. Peter’s square. There are study spaces available for use to all. Another suggestion is John Ryland’s library, which is under the University of Manchester, and features neo-Gothic architecture. Entrance again is free and this is located in Deansgate.


This is a short list of fun things you can do in Manchester to support your well-being. There are definitely more but this is a good place to get started. Hope you all enjoy the experience!

Written by Wellbeing Champion, Piper Acero


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