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Funding success for autistic health inequalities study

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Marginalisation multiplied: Improving autistic health inequalities with collaborative interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer through Autism@Manchester

Emma and Ellen have been awarded funding from The University of Manchester to carry out a project developing materials, partnerships and projects to support the creation of a Programme Development Grant application to improve autistic health inequalities. Starting in July 2024, the one year project will fund an autistic co-production officer to work with the research team to deliver the these objectives.

Autistic adults experience increased rates of most medical conditions compared to the general population, yet their voice is virtually unheard in health services research meaning that provision rarely meets their needs. There is increasing recognition that autistic people experience multiple marginalisation due to numerous barriers to health services, and higher rates of factors associated with health inequalities (e.g. identifying as LGBTQI+, unemployment, poorer educational outcomes and lack of support within the criminal justice system). Reducing autistic health inequalities has become a local and national priority by government and the NHS and the research team hopes to contribute towards this goal.

The project is a collaboration between interdisciplinary academics, external partners such as Manchester City Council and autistic people.