Year 1 Pharmacy-Poster on Environmental Sustainability

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Blog by Dr Sally Freeman, Reader, Pharmacy 

In Pharmacy, the teaching of Environmental Sustainability (ES) in year 1 includes a lecture on green chemistry which introduces the 12 principles important for the pharmaceutical industry when designing and manufacturing medicines. In this lecture, the individual summative coursework assessment (9 credits) requires 180 pharmacy students to design a poster on a healthcare topic of their choice which links to ES and/or the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2022-23, the online posters were of a high standard showing excellent creativity. They covered a wide range of topics including safe disposal of medicines, CFCs and inhalers, drug discovery and deforestation, women’s health and a net zero NHS. As supported by the Unit survey, students enjoyed designing their posters, however they would have preferred an increased work count (set at 250). A selection of the posters were displayed at the recent MPharm reaccreditation by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). As part of their climate strategy, the GPhC are considering introducing Learning Outcomes (LOs) for the MPharm curriculum linked to sustainability. This poster assessment would be suitable for most students in FBMH, raising awareness of ES in their own disciplines.

Take a look at some of the posters below, or alternatively you can view on Dropbox:


For further information, marking scheme, more examples, etc, please contact: Sally Freeman

To find out more about Environmental Sustainability: visit the Faculty’s intranet pagewebsite or contact For more information on Environmental Sustainability at the University watch this short film or visit their website