Health Research from Home

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Who are we?

Our partnership is on a mission to improve the lives of people living with long-term health conditions. We’re going to make the most of the data we’re all sitting on…the data held in our smartphones and wearables. We’re going to turn that data into world leading health research and help you to do the same, so that together, with patients at the heart of everything we do, we can transform health outcomes for everyone.

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Who are the Health Research from Home Partners?

It’s going to take the brightest minds in health, academia and technology to deliver our mission. Led by the University of Manchester and Professor Will Dixon, our partnership also includes:



What are we going to do?

We’ve thought long and hard about what is holding electronic, person generated health research back and what we can do to break down some of those barriers.


Unique Events

You won’t find events like ours anywhere else. They will be created and run by people who have successfully completed research projects using smartphones and wearables and they’ll be designed to help you complete your own research project.

We’re planning monthly webinars, an annual event, hackathons and grant writing retreats.


Webinar 2: Digital Measures in Parkinson’s Disease

Who: Erin Rainaldi, Head of Sensors Data Science, at Verily and her colleague, Senior Data Scientist, Johnny Ho.

When: 4 September 2024, 16:00 GMT

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Webinar 1: Health Research from Home

Who: Health Research from Home Lead, Professor Will Dixon

What: Introducing Health Research from Home – the revolutionary new partnership that will transform the future of health research using smartphones and wearables.

Our first webinar featured Health Research from Home Lead, Professor Will Dixon, who explained why our partnership was created and how we plan to revolutionise the future of health research. He also shared how he ran his successful research project, Cloudy With a Chance of Pain? The research showed that people with long-term health conditions are 20% more likely to suffer from pain on days that are humid and windy with low atmospheric pressure. This was done using a smartphone app developed by healthcare software company uMotif, participants recorded daily symptoms while the local weather was determined from location data provided by the smartphone’s GPS. 

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Advice Clinics

Alongside each webinar you will have the opportunity to book on to an Information Governance Clinic, a Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Clinic, and a Tech Clinic to support you as you develop your own smartphone and wearable health research project.

This is your chance to gain unique one-to-one advice with experts in their fields. This unprecedented access will allow you to discuss the specific issues holding your research back and gain practical advice on how to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

Despite case studies of good success, patient-generated health data research is yet to deliver at scale because of many challenges. We hope that these clinics will help to fill those gaps in knowledge, skill and tools so that we can make the UK a world-leader in this field of research.

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Please email to book an appointment for the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Clinic.



Our partners, Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) are enabling us to create a space where you can get the information you need to run your health research project using smartphones and wearables.

From finding the right people, to accessing data sets, to downloading methodologies, to guidance on Information Governance, to guidance on how to seamlessly integrate Patient and public involvement and engagement in your research. This online hub, due to go live in October 2024, will continue to grow as you tell us what information we can provide to support you.



We have two, exciting driver projects underway right now. The first on understanding patterns of physical activity after knee replacements, and the second on long-term health outcomes of Long COVID. Both of which are aiming to link electronic, person generated health data to NHS data, something that will revolutionise the future of health research.


knee replacement


We’ll be sharing our own journey so that it can inform your research.


Find out more

Email to find out more about Health Research from Home.