FBMH Environmental Sustainability Lunch Time Session

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Article written by Maxine Lin, MSc Science and Health Communication student

The Social Responsibility and Public Engagement Team recently hosted an Environmental Sustainability (ES) session with Dr Maggy Fostier, Academic Dean for ES. The session engaged staff and PhD students with key Faculty priorities, and discussed ways staff and PhD students can get involved in ES related activities.

As a Faculty focused on the biological, medical and health sciences, we understand how important the environment is to the wellbeing of the planet, people and all living things.

ES is a central part of our Social Responsibility Plan and our strategy is to focus on driving and embedding ES actions across the Faculty’s teaching and learning, research, business strategy and operation.

Attendees were introduced to the Faculty’s 5-year plan to improve sustainability by 2025. Maggy praised the University’s commitment to sustainability and highlighted some of the initiatives that are already in place. While drawing comparison between current sustainability activities, attendees were introduced to; LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework)6R protocol, CSAT and PSAT (Clinical and Program Sustainability Assessment Tool, and 50,000 Actions.

LEAF aims to reduce waste and improve efficiency in labs, and 6R stands for Review, Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Replace, Recycle which manage plastics sustainably in practical’s and labs, at home, on campus and any other settings.

50,000 Actions is a platform available to all students and staff to give ideas and inspiration on how to live more sustainably. There are more than 150 different actions to consider and can be adapted into your daily life. You can start by committing to one or two sustainable actions and encouraging others to take action.

The session included a Q&A session, where attendees discussed specific practice on improving sustainability and shared their thoughts and ideas on how they could contribute to achieving the Faculty’s sustainability goals.

Overall, the ES session was thought-provoking, informative, and highlighted the importance of ES and the need for urgent action to address the pressing environmental challenges facing the world today.

By bringing together members of the Faculty’s community to discuss these issues and share practical tips on how to reduce our environmental impact, the session demonstrated the University’s commitment to sustainability and provided inspiration for individuals to take action in their daily lives. The Faculty is committed to embedding sustainability in its teaching, learning, research, business strategy, and operations, and looks forward to working with staff, PhD students, and the wider community towards a more sustainable future.

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To find out more about Environmental Sustainability: visit the Faculty’s intranet pagewebsite or contact srbmh@manchester.ac.uk. For more information on Environmental Sustainability at the University watch this short film or visit their website