UoM Sustainable Futures platform and Healthy Futures

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Sustainable Futures (SF) is a new research platform that aims to foster interdisciplinary research across the University, directed towards the most pressing issues affecting sustainability. SF is cross-faculty, and aims to; identify funding, develop teams, write and refine bid documents to help researchers to identify colleagues across our Faculties and world-leading research institutes. In addition, we will develop connections with industry partners, partner institutions and legislators to help develop new methods and policy.

Sustainable Futures is structured around six distinct research themes:

  • Resilient Futures,
  • Resourceful Futures,
  • Inspired and Informed Futures,
  • Net Zero Futures,
  • Inclusive and Prosperous Futures
  • Healthy Futures.

These themes are cross-cutting and aim to enable interdisciplinary research projects and impact. We are also aiming to develop a culture of sustainability education through our students and ECRs (Early Career Researchers), through CDTs (Centres for Doctoral Training) and masterclasses in research methodology focused on these pressing areas.

Healthy Futures aligns strongly with the Faculty and has two streams:

  • Human Health and Wellbeing: Being healthy is important for building inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable societies. This area focuses on improving health and healthcare outcomes, addressing health inequalities and mitigating the impact of the changing environment on human health.
  • Environment and Ecosystem Health: The health of the plants, animals, and ecosystems we share the planet with are key to a Sustainable Future. Ensuring health and biodiversity of wild and human-coupled systems is vital for food security, mitigating zoonotic disease, and providing resilient ecosystems and ecosystem services.

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If you have a question about Healthy Futures, please contact Holly Shiels, Challenge Lead for Healthy Futures.

To find out more about Environmental Sustainability: visit the Faculty’s intranet pagewebsite or contact srbmh@manchester.ac.uk. For more information on Environmental Sustainability at the University watch this short film or visit their website