We need more than peace to stop the wars – HCRI’s Dr Tim Jacoby curates ‘Build the Truce’ film

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Publications | 0 comments

A new film co-curated by a Dr Tim Jacoby HCRI’s Director of Teaching showing at the prestigious Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester argues that winning the peace is just as important as winning the war.

Part of the Cultural Olympiad, the film is inspired by an Olympic Games ‘Truce’, created in the ninth century BC to enable athletes from Greece’s warring cities to travel and compete in safety.

Professor Tony Redmond, HCRI Deputy Director who led aid teams in Kosovo following NATO attacks in 1999 also features in the film.

The stories draw attention to the notion of truce as an international convention, and the efforts of individuals to broker or to break permanent peace.

Through the film, we challenge the prevailing view that bringing an end to war represents a resolution of the cause of war. It is inspired by people living and working in the aftermath of conflict based on interviews with civilians, ex-combatants  and aid workers. They witnessed conflict and truce in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, El Salvador and Kosovo and share their perspectives on how we move away from, or towards, peace.

Visit the Imperial War Museum and see the film and exhibition for yourself



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