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HCRI Peacebuilding Professors Roger Mac Ginty and Oliver Richmond have published a number of books and articles recently.

The first edition of the journal Peacebuilding was published in February 2013.

Roger Mac Ginty

Roger Mac Ginty:

R. Mac Ginty ed. (2013) Handbook on Peacebuilding, Routledge.


R. Mac Ginty (2013) The transcripts of peace: Public, hidden or non-obvious? Journal of Intervention and Statebilding, First view, online, 9 pages.

R. Mac Ginty (2013) Indicators +: Everyday peace indicators – a proposal, Evaluation and Program Planning 36: 56-63.

R. Mac Ginty (2012) ‘Routine Peace: Technocracy and peacebuilding, Cooperation and Conflict, 47(3): 287-308.

Oliver RichmondOliver Richmond:

Very Short Introduction to Peace, Oxford University Press (Forthcoming 2013).
The Local Turn in Peacebuilding: A critical agenda for peace, (with Roger Mac Ginty) Third World Quarterly, Vol. 34, No. 5, 2013.

Jekyll or Hyde: What is Statebuilding Creating? Evidence From the Field, forthcoming in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2013.

Failed Statebuilding Versus Peace Formation, forthcoming in Conflict and Cooperation, September 2013.

The Collapsing Frontier: Liberal Peace, Legitimacy and Resistance (with Mark Duffield), forthcoming in International Context, July 2013.

Intimate Yet Dysfunctional? The Relationship between Governance and Conflict Resolution in the State of India and the European Union (with Sandra Pogodda, Birte Vogel, and Roger Mac Ginty), Conflict, Security and Development, Vol.13, No.1, March 2013.

Human(security)ity and its subjects, forthcoming in International Journal, March 2013.

The BRICS and international peacebuilding and statebuilding, with Ioannis Tellidis January 2013.

Missing Links: Peace Infrastructures and Peace Formation, Berghof Handbook Dialogue Series, No. 10, 2012.



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