Latest GSDRC Report from Dr Emilie Combaz – Practical guidance to integrate gender into public financial management

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Dr Emilie Combaz’ latest GSDRC helpdesk report is now available to read online. In this helpdesk report, Dr Combaz explores the available practical guidance for integrating gender into public financial management.

Read Practical guidance to integrate gender into public financial management

By securing the known enabling factors (such as sustained political support, sufficient capacities and conducive institutional arrangements); adapting to context; involving a range of stakeholders at all stages; and generating sex-disaggregated data, gender can be effectively integregated into the managenment of public finances.

Specifically on revenues, gender-disaggregated analyses are effective tools to work on tax incidence (direct and indirect taxes), user fees, and government debt. Meanwhile on expenditures, effective tools for gender-aware work are available for policy appraisal, beneficiary assessment, incidence analysis of public expenditure, analysis of the impact of budgets on time use, budget statements, and medium-term frameworks of economic policy.

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