Dr Tanja Miller: Democracy, dictatorship, and the messy space in-between reflections on commemorating 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

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Dr Tanja Miller reflects on her experience of the fall of the Berlin Fall in 1989 and as well as on her recent visit to Maputo, Mozambique. Read her blog post here.

I was at home that evening, preparing a trip to West Germany, as we Berliner used to say, with a friend, a trip to Cologne to be precise, the next day. My phone rang and my travel companion was on the line, saying: turn on the TV but then, reconsidering, no, go out onto the balcony.

Dr Miller’s new book Legacies of Socialist Solidarity East Germany in Mozambique was published in August. At the book launch, on Tuesday 11.11.2014, Dr Tanja Miller (HCRI and IDPM) will talk about her book, followed by a response from Professor Barry Munslow (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) and Professor Phil Woodhouse (Institute for Development Policy and Management, Manchester).

My book uses the case study of the biggest education exchange programme between two socialist countries, the former GDR and the then Peoples Republic of Mozambique, which saw 899 Mozambican children complete their secondary schooling in a boarding school in the former GDR from 1982 to 1988. They returned to a changed Mozambique as young adults in late 1988 or early 1989 and were in many ways betrayed by the FRELIMO government.

Dr Miller has previously written a more detailed blog post about her book and you can read more here.


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