Embrace Sustainability Action Month at FBMH

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Environmental Sustainability (ES) | 0 comments

From 8th April to 9th May, the Faculty will mark Sustainability Action Month with a vibrant series of events dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the climate crisis and promoting sustainable practices. 

Find out below how you can get involved: 

Week One (8 – 14 April): The Climate Crisis 

Kicking off the month, we engaged in enlightening discussions on climate change, eco-influencing, biodiversity, and textile waste reduction. Participants shared insights, learned from each other, and contributed to shaping a greener future. 

Week Two (15 – 21 April): Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

We delved into the 6R project – Review, Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Replace, and Recycle. Engaging with our champions, participants learned about proper recycling techniques and sustainable plastic management, making a collective effort to make a difference. 

Week Three (22 – 28 April): Nurturing Nature  

Next we will explore the natural beauty of our campus with the Michael Smith Quad BioBlitz (25 April). We will identify flora and fauna using the iNaturalist app and connect with fellow nature enthusiasts. Together, let’s celebrate and protect our environment. 

Week Four (29 April – 9 May): Sustainable Living 

We will end the month with the FBMH Active Staff Travel Breakfast (7 May). Whether you walk, run, or cycle to work, join us for a complimentary breakfast and connect with like-minded individuals committed to sustainable living. 

Throughout the month, you can participate in workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions designed to empower you to integrate sustainability into your daily life. Let’s take action today for a greener tomorrow! 

For more information on each of the events and how to get involved, visit our website.