Professor Tony Redmond on the issues of independant humanitarian aid

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Events | 0 comments

Tony RedmondLast month, HCRI’s Deputy Director Professor Tony Redmond OBE gave an address to The Times Cheltenham Science Festival based on his research into the issues surrounding the efforts of independant doctors who travel to crisis-zones to help give medical assistance.

Professor Redmond demonstrates that many patients treated by these doctors undergo unnnecessary procedures, such as amputation, due to a lack of specialist skill or knowledge in comparison to local doctors and those who work as part of more established relief efforts. He also identifies the popular moral belief that “any help is better than no help”, as one of the causes for the severity and widespread nature of the problem.

His findings were covered in both a Times article, and a section of BBC World Service’s Newshour program (Professor Redmond’s section begins around 30 minutes in).


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