PG Cert Online Global Health Module Review: Ethics, Human Rights and Health

by | Jan 5, 2015 | PG Cert, Student blogs | 0 comments

by Victor Adamu

This course module “Ethics, Human Rights and Health served to enrich my knowledge on the right to health being an inclusive right, and the underlying social determinants of good health. The module also provided a forum for in-depth analysis of the practicability of right to health in relation to situations of conflict and displacement. A module session also dealt with the issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights. One of the session tasks helped students have a better understanding of how a right based approach to health can be a tool for improving maternal mortality.

The module also provided an understanding of all the human rights instruments covering vulnerable, displaced and incarcerated persons. One of the sessions I enjoyed the most in this module was; food security, ethics and human rights. The session task was to deliberate and reflect on possible solutions to food insecurity, which was a very insightful eye opener.

Overall the module: Ethics, Human Rights and Health is very relevant to the PG Cert program, and helps to build ones skills in looking at global health with a humanitarian eye.



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