Anna’s thoughts on the Global Health BSc

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Anna is a third-year medical student at the University of Manchester who intercalated on the BSc in Global Health in 2015-16.


Why did you decide to intercalate on the iBSc?

Before attending Manchester to study medicine I had heard that medical schools often allowed you to ‘intercalate’ to study an area you’re interested in which may not be a part of the medical curriculum. I then looked at what Manchester had to offer and came across the Global Health BSc. I felt that this course incorporated so many things that I find fascinating, exploring why inequality exists both between and within countries, as well as how different healthcare systems work.

What made you choose the Manchester course as opposed to another university?

It was clear that the course at Manchester offered you the chance to look at health in a broader more anthropological sense, which I really wanted the chance to do.

What was the highlight of the course?

So many of the lectures, debating controversial health and cross-cultural issues such as FGM in seminars, and the support given by members of staff with presentations and especially dissertation research.

Do you think it has had an impact on your future career plans?

Yes definitely, I’m not sure what my future career plans are but I feel this degree widened my understanding of health to include the social determinants of health such as education. It was an extremely stimulating year and I feel like I now want to be involved in research that may provide some understanding of why inequality in health outcomes between different communities still exists today.

If there was one thing you wish you had known before you started the course what would it be?

Make sure you eat and sleep well during dissertation time!


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