Patrick Hackett: Working smarter and living better: a hybrid future

by | Mar 17, 2021 | PSLT | 5 comments

I love an anniversary or a celebration – but realising that a year ago today we had, for the most part, to close the campus is not something I thought we would be marking, and indeed it isn’t something that many people would probably look on as a celebration.

But I think we should recognise all the great things we have achieved over the past 12 months. Not only have each and every one of us adjusted to new ways of working and helped to keep the show on the road, but we have made improvements along the way. It hasn’t been easy, we have made some mistakes and I know colleagues have struggled at times with their emotional wellbeing. No-one ever taught us how to cope in a sustained pandemic.

Rather than looking back, I want to look ahead and focus on the things we have learnt and how they have supported our work and our wellbeing. And importantly how they can be harnessed for the to help us achieve Our future.

Karen Heaton, Director of Human Resources, described ‘the great working from home experiment’ in her blog and it has given us a chance, to a certain extent, to ‘try before you buy’. It is now clear that many staff would really value being able to adopt a hybrid approach to their work, spending some time on campus, some time working from home. What the experiment hasn’t yet given us is a chance to see how hybrid working will work in practice – now and when COVID restrictions are lifted.

To do that I have asked Julian Skyrme (Director of Social Responsibility) to lead a project, as part of Reshaping PS, to look at the principles and practicalities we need to have in place to truly embrace hybrid working in Professional Services.

Now, I don’t want my talk of principles and practicalities to start your eyes rolling, this is an exciting opportunity for us to do things differently, and it will be something which evolves as we learn more and are able to refine our approach.

Under the working title Working Smarter, Living Better, the project will look at how we bring together our people, our IT and our estate to re-imagine how we do things, where we work and how we use our campus. This will help bring to life and build on the work of the Foresight Group, led by our Deputy President and Deputy VC, Luke Georghiou.

I must be honest though – a hybrid working model isn’t going to be an option for all our staff. Some colleagues have roles which require them to be on campus full time. And there are some staff who will prefer to work on campus. What we must ensure is that all the working models we have are fair and work together to deliver what the University requires of us.

I will state that I am an advocate of flexible working. At the same time I recognise there are challenges – particularly around how we manage the desires of individuals with the need to operate effectively across a team, how we equip our managers to be able to make those decisions and support teams to work differently.

Whilst we don’t have all the answers yet, what I can promise is that the development of a new approach to working smarter and living better will be co-created with staff. A working group has been set up, and the recent ‘PS in-conversation’ sessions have already fed into thinking around this.

So what is next? Well, we need to have a framework, so there will be a set of principles which will be launched before national restrictions are potentially lifted in June. Going hand in hand with the launch of the principles will be an online training module and new Managers’ Essentials guidance. Managers will be encouraged to use this guidance to have structured conversations with teams about what might be possible. A warning here: there won’t be a one-size fits all model. We are a learning organisation and I am encouraging managers to try things, fail-fast if necessary, and help us to refine our approach in light of experience.

If you are interested in getting involved in this or other activities as part of Reshaping PS please share your ideas in the comments section or email me

We don’t yet have a date when we will all be able to return to campus. When we do, we will be prioritising who will be coming back, from an operations and well-being point of view. Through Working Smarter, Living Better, we will seek to embed those positive things we have learned over the past year and look at how we can improve further.

Until then, tonight, when all the Zoom calls are done, I will be grateful for the 30 second commute to the kitchen where I will be raising a glass – well, a cup – to everything we have achieved, and the exciting opportunities which lie ahead. I very much hope we can all come together in the not-too-distant further to recognise what we have achieved during this unprecedented period in our lives.


  1. Patrick Hackett

    Dear all, many thanks for your comments. A colleague will be in touch with you if you have requested to get involved. Best wishes, Patrick.

  2. Dee-Ann Johnson

    Hi Patrick – really interesting to hear about how we will move forward as an organisation from a culture, ways of working and wellbeing perspective. This feels like a positive way forward as we (slowly) emerge from challenging times. Also really appreciate that we can hear your voice in this post – helps makes our senior leaders feel more accessible.

  3. Adrian Parker

    Thank you Patrick for an excellent reflective, thoughtful and well-balanced article. Among many other things, I know many appreciate your directness and honesty (“a hybrid working model isn’t going to be an option for all our staff”). We look forward to the results of the new project that Julian is now leading, and our involvement in that as we co-create together a new future that leverages all that we have experienced and learned from the remarkable experiment of this past year – one that none of us ever expected or anticipated. If there is any way in which I can participate further I’m always happy to play my part.

  4. Jane Crosbie

    Thanks Patrick. Happy to be involved. We have shared input from BMH PS Development Network members around this. I really enjoyed hearing other’s perspectives and ideas at the PS in Conversations and would encourage other staff to join if there are more. It is a great opportunity to really improve the way we work and live. We have offered to Gemma to be a pilot team in the BMH Centre for Academic and Researcher Development if this would help. It would be useful for teams to start discussing soon if June return goes ahead. Look forward to seeing the guidance. As you say a one size fits all approach won’t work, teams can discuss, try new ways and will know what works best for them. It would be great to see the results from the staff survey around this too. Thank you.

  5. Fidel Peacock

    Thanks Patrick, for the uplifting post. It’s definitely a rare opportunity (hopefully a once in a lifetime opportunity) to create the new normal everyone is talking about. It’s exciting to see this new normal start to take shape. I think it will always be tricky to create a new normal that effectively addresses multiple immediate challenges (financial sustainability and climate emergency etc.) while also having enough future proofing. I have every faith that we will be able to rise to the challenge.


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