PG Cert Global Health – The first module

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by Alusine Sebora Kargbo

First and foremost I would like to thank the entire staff and members of the institute for given me the opportunity to pursue a post graduate degree in Global Health, for me it is an overwhelming blessing. Like everyone at University, I was extremely thrilled to successfully complete the first module of the programme through our innovative tutor; given the fact that I was relatedly new to the methods and level of learning. Apart from the direct and immediate consequences of the Ebola outbreak in my country, the soaring death toll is reeling the economies of public and private investments, as many citizens are continually losing their jobs and livelihood; as a result many industries are folding up, amidst the escalation in the prices of essential goods, leaving behind its trail a whole lot of psycho-social problems which affected my achievement at University.

Second, considering the discussion board which is armed with students from different backgrounds ready to proffer advice on various subjects. The module equipped me with practical hands-on experience in bridging the gap between social science and medicine. I presently have so much confidence in tackling the present challenges and those that lies ahead. I am also familiar with online learning tools to complement quality face-to-face teaching methodologies. The Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience or RVR module was structured to an advanced level, offering me the opportunity to developed research skills and critical analysis in one of the U.K most recognized universities in the world. The teaching methodology of was good in the sense that, it broadens my horizon in various aspects of global health, epidemiology and managing risk and assessment.


Finally, the module offers a terrific learning opportunity without even leaving my country. And this is a moment, I would cherish in my life!



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