How going to the gym changed my life

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I always say that having balance in your life is key. However, “Do as I say, not as I do”. In other words, I hardly ever follow my own advice and this was a prime example. Some while ago, I realised that I was being extremely unproductive. I had no set routine and procrastination was all I knew asides from hanging out with my friends. I felt that this was ruining my overall wellbeing and I decided to talk with one of my best friends (also probably one of the most mature) about the subject.

“Have you tried out exercising?” he asked me.

I decided that I would give sport a try and see if it could somehow improve my life in any way. Being consistent with my daily workouts led me to exploit all of the associated benefits of this wholesome habit

Firstly, I felt happier!

This seems very obvious, but we sometimes take happiness for granted without asking ourselves if we are really satisfied and at peace with who we are and what we do. I could feel all of my problems drifting away as I finished my workout at the gym – I became extremely lively after every session!

This occurs because practising sport releases endorphins to your brain, improving your mood and making you happy!

Working out leads to better physical health = improved mental health

I had not engaged in regular sport for a few years already and I could notice it taking a toll in my physical health. Going to the gym made me realise that I had many other habits that were not ideal for my body and mind, and the importance of shifting these behavioural patterns to healthier ones.

I began: 

  • Getting better sleep
  • Waking up early (even without setting an alarm)
  • Making the most out of my day & being productive
  • Being more self-aware, as working out alone was an ideal opportunity for me to reflect
  • Having less stress (working out distracts your brain and reduces stress hormone levels!)
  • Eating better to compliment my gym gains

BIG confidence boost

 My strength was improving little by little and I felt that I was gaining a lot of skills from working out, which gave me the self-confidence boost that I didn’t know I needed. Building a passion for sport also meant that I could do cool plans with my friends like playing tennis matches, going surfing and on bike rides and hikes! There are so many ways to have fun whilst exercising with friends, and it is also a great way to meet like-minded individuals! You probably know someone that already exercises regularly; why not join them (even if it is on Zoom)?

Being active is so worth it! The benefits are endless, and it just takes some determination and willpower to build this habit.

Your mental health will thank you, and so will your body.

Stand up and start!

By Laura Ojeda