How to Sleep Well?

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Be Healthy, Six Ways to Wellbeing | 0 comments

It is said that people spend one-third of their lifetime sleeping. We need to have a proper sleep, but it seems difficult for us to have a sweet eight-hour sleep in this stressful time filled with essays and exams. Therefore, I am going to give out some of my ways to get good sleep.

  1. Stretch before sleep

Sometimes although you feel tired mentally, your body is still not ready to sleep. In this situation, you can do some exercise to make your body knows that it is time unwind. It does not need to be very strenuous because heavy training will make you feel excited and become more difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, by doing some simple stretching before you go to bed can be really beneficial. You can find lots of tutorial and videos of these exercises on the Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Use the power of herb and flower

Sometimes after dinner or a shower, I finish off my bedtime routine with a hot drink, such as hot milk or tea. It makes your stomach feel warm and encourage relaxation. make you feel relax. Sometimes, if you feel like tea is not enough, I will use herbal remedies such as lavender. For me, using aromatherapy continuously is pretty expensive, so I prefer herbal and floral tea. There are a lot of bedtime tea choices, such as chamomile tea and lavender tea. You can add some honey into your tea if have a sweet tooth.

  1. Do some reading

Even though you did all things you can do to make sure you can fall asleep, you may still be disturbed by the noise from outside or your thoughts worrying about something. I find reading before bed really helps to occupy the noisy part of my brain. Try not to use your smartphone because the blue light from the phone further stimulates your brain. Turn on soft light and chose something light and easy – you’ll fall asleep in no time.

Everyone’s sleep routine and needs are different. It is important you find the best way for you, at your own pace and seek help if you think it is necessary. I wish you a wonderful night sleep.