Ways to manage academic stress

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Ways to manage academic stress


Stress is common for everyone – especially in a time such as now. In this blog, I have decided to write a small list of the methods that help me cope with stress and in that, I hope you may find something you could implement in your own lives.

Sport and music

Sport is a great way of reducing stress. Running is a great stress reliever. There is no set time, length or pace you need to stick with – it is all up to you: you can run in the direction you want, at a speed you like and as far as you want. The same goes for swimming. Even, just simply sitting in a swimming pool can calm nerves, even if a person does not swim. Whilst being active, it is better to listen positive music, something that encourages you to move or dance. This way you will feel energized and improve your mood.

Food, drinks, movies

I find watching watch motivational movies or comedies really helps me to dissolve any negative feelings of stress. Motivational films will inspire you to continue to work hard and by watching comedies will allow you to laugh and be filled with positive emotions. It is best if you have something to eat and drink near you, even if it is just chips or cookies.

Talking to others

I believe that talking can help people to relax. This is especially useful if the other person encourages you to not give up or simply being around them improves your mood. For example, it might be someone who will be willing to listen to you. I believe, simply talking, and yes even to your pet, will be helpful. You do not even have to do anything physically, just talk.


Being active of course is important but rest and sleep is equally as important. This is because nerves are recovering when you are sleeping, and this will improve your mood and will help you to relax.

Drink a tea with lavender or chamomile

 Lavender is a herb that is used by people to relieve anxiety and encourage sleep.  If you do not have lavender, try to drink tea with chamomile, this herb has similar benefits and is also useful for the treatment of a cold.

Reframe your negative thoughts

I know that it is difficult to think positively all week (or day), especially if you are stressed. My suggestion is to try and reframe your negative thoughts, bit by bit, think about what you did well, and try to think less about your inner fears and reflect on those times that you were able to overcome any difficulties as you did before. It is hard and can sometimes be an uncomfortable journey but learning how to be kind to yourself in times of stress and fear can be extremely powerful and productive. Check out @uomwellbeing for their post on reframing negative thoughts as well as their article on Imposter Syndrome!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you may find some inspiration and comfort in these ideas and can use them during this busy academic I know that the use of these methods might not improve your internal condition significantly, but I am sure that if you try at least few of these methods, you will be able to get distracted from academic stress.