The Closet: Looking after your Style and your Mind

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Learn and Discover, Six Ways to Wellbeing | 0 comments

Learn and Discover with The Closet

Studying for your modules is often a good idea, but are you forgetting to take time
for the things you like to do? It’s good to take breaks and look after yourself from

The University of Manchester promotes this through the Six Ways to
Wellbeing. The Six Ways defines Wellbeing as anything you enjoy doing and “that makes you feel
good both physically and mentally” (The University of Manchester Website). Being a
student can get quite stressful and busy, so engaging with the Six ways to Wellbeing
can offer easy steps towards looking after yourself on the day-today. One way
students can engage with the six ways to wellbeing is through The Closet.

The Closet is a student-led organization that aims to reinvent the concept of a
charity shop! It accepts clothes and other donations from the public and focuses on
reselling and upcycling them. However, The Closet is also a creative space for
students. The Closet offers excellent ways to engage with the Learn and Discover way of
wellbeing! They regularly hold many events, such as “draw for your mind” and
up-cycling workshops!

Apart from contributing to the community by reselling and upcycling, The
Closet is also an avid supporter of wellbeing and mental health. All profits from The
Closet are donated to the Manchester Mind organization. The Manchester Mind
organization aims to support better mental health in the city by running different
mental health associated events, such as virtual crafting workshops and articles on
how to improve your wellbeing.

Follow (@theclosetmcr) for information about any upcoming events or for
up-cycling ideas.